In my paintings - oil on panel - I strive for a view that is as realistic as possible, mainly still lifes in an atmosphere of claire obscure and no larger than lifelike. I mainly concentrate on details, light and reflections. Images in my paintings often concern obvious objects such as an old vase or shelf and fruit or flowers, the latter mostly from our own garden. Comments that evoke my paintings such as: "You would take a bite of it", "You can smell what the fruit is like" or "Every moment a worm can crawl out of the pears" make me happy in the way I "Realism" seeks to shape. Beside at the Netherlands, my paintings have been exhibited and sold in countries such as Belgium, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, New Zealand, Taiwan and Qatar.

The slideshow on the right shows my most recent paintings.

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Book: "Jan Teunissen, Realistic art paintings 2015-2020" (N,E)

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Previously published but no longer available is the book "Jan Teunissen, life and still lifes of a painter" (2014). Click on photo for a preview copy.

-  interview with Jan Teunissen for Culinair Creatief Magazine VACAZA. Click here.

-  Jan Teunissen in TV-program "EenVandaag" about Sunflowers of  Van Gogh. Click here.

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